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Where can you find responsible dog breeders?

You’ve done your research and found the breed that perfectly fits your lifestyle.  You are excited now to find a breeder but don’t have any idea of where to start looking.  Recognizing a good dog breeder is just as important as finding the breed that best suits your lifestyle.  If you don’t take the time to research where your puppy is coming from, you could end up with a puppy with serious issues including costly health issues or temperament issues.  We have some tips to help you know where you can find responsible dog breeders.

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Where Can You Find A Responsible Dog Breeder?

Look For Responsible Breeders At Dog Events

Responsible breeders don’t have their dogs just to produce puppies.  Responsible breeders have their dogs as pets first and they participate in dog events such as conformation shows, obedience, rally or agility trials.  Some breeds have specific things that they were bred to do such as hunting or herding, so depending on the breed, you may find a breeder at those events as well.

When you see a breeder participating in dog events, it not only shows that the breeder is involved with their dogs, it also shows that their dogs have sound temperaments.  You can see the dogs in action to see what their temperaments are like and how they perform in a public situation.  Responsible breeders put a lot of time into their dogs.  Their dogs are a huge part of their lives.

Ask Dog Care Professionals For Breeder Recommendations

Dog care professionals see many dogs through their jobs.  If you contact a dog care professional, they may be able to let you know of any responsible breeders in your area.  They would have hands on encounters with the dogs and would know what the temperaments are like.  Once you get a recommendation, you can look up the breeder and ask to meet with them so that you can meet them in person and have a chance to see their dogs.

Check Out National Breed Club Websites For Breeder Listings

National breed clubs usually have a page on their website that lists their members who are breeders.  These clubs have a code of ethics that they expect their members to follow.  Responsible breeders want to work with other responsible breeders to promote and improve their breed.  By belonging to a national breed club, breeders have the opportunity to do just this.

Of course, national breed clubs do have a strict code of ethics but it is still important to check the breeder out yourself.  Ask for references and ask for copies of health clearances.  Get to know the breeder to see if you can have a relationship with them.  They will be your source for puppy advice so it’s important to have a breeder that you can work with and who takes the time to help you.

Ask Friends Who Have The Breed

Word of mouth is a great way to find a responsible breeder.  Ask people that you see with the breed of dog that you want where they got their dog.  Ask them a few questions about the health and temperament of their dog and what their experience was like with the breeder.  Once you find out who the breeder is, look them up and do some research of your own.

Free responsible dog breeder checklist.

Where Shouldn’t You Look For A Responsible Dog Breeder?

Internet Classifieds

When you start looking for a breeder and do a Google search, one of the first things that will pop up in the search results are internet classifieds.  Unfortunately, this is an easy place for scammers, puppy mills and back yard breeders to sell their puppies.

If you see something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Scammers will steal photos from responsible breeders and post them on internet classified sites.  They make it sound like they are selling puppies.  What they actually do, is take the money for your deposit and you never get a puppy.  The puppies don’t even exist.

Puppy mills and backyard breeders sell puppies on internet classifieds and social media buy and sell pages.  These puppies do not come from health tested parents and are not raised in ideal situations.  There is no breeder guarantee and support once you get your puppy.  The puppies may be sold at a lower price than what you would pay with a responsible breeder but the vet bills will quickly add up if your puppy starts having health issues.

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Pet Stores

Responsible breeders NEVER sell their puppies out of pet stores. Fortunately, some pet stores have stopped selling puppies.  Unfortunately the puppies that you do find in pet stores come from puppy mills, commercial breeders and backyard breeders.  They sell the puppies for big money but you have no contact with the breeder. There is no health testing or breeder guarantee that comes with the puppy.  Often, you can buy a puppy from a breeder with health tested parents for the same amount or less than what you would pay for a puppy in a pet store.

When looking for a breeder, research is very important.  Visit the breeder, ask for references and ask to see health clearances.  You are adding a new member to your family.  You want your puppy to have the very best start possible to his life.  Use our Responsible Breeder Checklist so you know what to look for, get it for free HERE.

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