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Frustration was something that I was quickly getting used to feeling.  I did all of my research and I KNEW that I wanted a high energy dog.  A dog that could keep up with me when I went hiking, jogging, exploring and a dog that would be up for some dog sports like agility and disc dog.

What I did NOT expect was a dog that didn’t settle…EVER!!!!!

I could take my dog on a two hour off leash hike, come home and he would immediately go, get his ball and want to play fetch!  I couldn’t BELIEVE how much energy this dog had.  If I didn’t play fetch with him, he would just go and find something else to do.  He would go go go until he crashed and went to sleep…which could take a very long time.

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I knew that there had to be a way to teach him to settle and be calm. After trying many different tips and techniques, I finally found some that worked.  I was happier, my dog was happier and he was SO much easier to live with after we figured out these 9 tips.

Anyone living with a high energy dog knows that draining that energy can sometimes be challenging.  Instead of spending hours upon hours exercising your dog to drain their energy, there are some more creative ways to do it.

Tips For Calming A High Energy Dog

1. Physical Exercise

Exercise should still be an important part of your dog’s daily activities, it just doesn’t have to be the only source of tiring them out.  Typically, sporting and herding breeds need lots of daily exercise.  Take them for a run in your yard, a trip to the beach or a hike in the woods.  Off leash exercise helps to drain some of that energy and allows your dog to have fun.

A fun way to keep track of your dog’s activity is with a Fitbark.  It’s a dog version of a Fitbit.  Put it on your dog’s collar and you can track his activity, sleep patterns and much more.  Learn more about the Fitbark in our article:  5 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs A Fitbark 2

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2. Sign Up For Classes 
tips for calming a high energy dog

There are so many different activities to do with your dog.  There is agility, rally obedience, obedience, disc dog, scent detection and so many more.  Try out some various classes to see if you can find something that you and your dog enjoy.  Not only are classes a great way to burn some of his excess energy, it’s always an excellent way to build a stronger bond with your dog.

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3. Mental Stimulation.

Mental stimulation can tire out a dog just as much as physical exercise. Daily training with your dog is an excellent way to keep him happy, while at the same time teaching him important commands and behaviors.  Training sessions do not have to be long.  10 – 15 minutes several times a day works well.  Keeping your training sessions short helps to prevent your dog from becoming bored.  Keep switching up your training as well.  Once your dog learns one command move on to others and just review the known commands once in a while.

4. Interactive Dog Toys.

Interactive dog toys are a great way to provide your dog with some stimulation when you can’t be there with him.  Give your dog a puzzle toy or a treat dispenser.  Allow him to figure out how to get the treats out of the toy.  Even providing him with something to chew on can help to drain some of his energy.  A nylabone or a deer antler work well.  If leaving your dog unattended with any toy, always be sure that there are no pieces that he could eat or that could become a choking hazard.  Safety always should come first.

5. Give Your Dog A Job.

Most high energy dogs were bred to work.  Giving him a job can help to keep him happy by giving him something constructive to do.  Even something as simple as doing some daily obedience training as mentioned above can be a good job or learn a new skill like agility.  Teaching your dog to bring you your slippers or the newspaper are good choices too.  An excellent job is teaching your dog to put his toys away.  This is a win win, your dog has a job and your house gets tidied up at the same time!

6. Aromatherapy.

  Much like humans, certain smells can cause a dog to relax.  Essential oils are becoming more and more popular as people discover the many benefits of them.  Some essential oils are safe for your dog but some are very dangerous.  Using aromatherapy can have great benefits for your dog but always talk to an expert first, typically a holistic veterinarian,  before trying this method.  Find out what oils are safe for your dog and the best method to provide the oils to your dog.

7. Are You High Energy?

Our dogs easily pick up on our moods and our own energy levels. If you are bouncing around and behaving in a high energy manner, your dog will get excited and chances are that this will increase his energy too.  If you want your dog to remain calm, you need to interact with him calmly.  Talk to him with a calm voice and behave in a calm way.

8. Teach Your Dog Manners.

Many dogs appear to be high energy but in fact they just don’t have good manners.  Having a dog that drags you all over the neighborhood (see our article Walking On A Loose Leash), or jumps all over you or anyone that you meet (see our article 7 Simple Tips To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People)  are examples of bad manners.  Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash and to sit patiently for attention make a big difference in your dog.  Working with your dog to teach him proper manners is time well spent.

9. Reward Calm Behavior.

Rewarding calm behavior is so simple but something that most people do not take advantage of.  If your dog is laying quietly, chewing on his deer antler without you telling him to do so, reward him.  Make sure that you remain calm when rewarding your dog.  It is important for him to learn that you like what he is doing.  If he repeatedly gets rewarded for calm behavior he will soon realize that this is a good thing to do. Like with any training, reward frequently in the beginning and then you can gradually cut back as the behavior becomes instilled.

Calming a high energy dog can be a lot of work but done properly they make amazing companions.  The more work and training you put in to a dog, the better he will be.  Let us know what works best for calming your high energy dog in the comments below.

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