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If you are planning on dressing your dog up for Halloween this year, check out our tips on buying Halloween costumes for dogs.  Click through to read the article.

It’s a night for scary surprises, lots of candy for kiddies and the chance to dress up in Halloween costumes. And, even though he cannot eat chocolate, your dog may enjoy getting all dressed up for a night of fun. In recent years, designers have begun manufacturing Halloween costumes for dogs. In creations ranging from super heroes to villains. Dog costumes are gaining in popularity both locally and through online merchants.

Where Can You Buy Halloween Costumes For Your Dog?

With the internet being the largest shopping mall in the world, the selection of Halloween costumes is much greater in cyberspace. Designers and specialty stores around the world have the opportunity to showcase their latest ideas and fabrics. There are lots of choices that are sure to please even the pickiest of dog owners. Anyone who plans to order through the internet can expect to pay a shipping and handling fee. With Halloween costumes being lightweight, this additional cost won’t likely be a significant one.

Know What Size Costume To Order Your Dog

When selecting Halloween costumes for your dog, measure your dog beforehand so that you will know what size to purchase. That’s right. Not all Halloween costumes for dogs come in a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter shape. In fact, most quality outfits will be specially made for various size animals. A yellow lab and a yorkie probably wouldn’t agree on the same size costume. Stay away from designers that gear toward the one-size-fits-all design.

Keep Your Dog’s Comfort In Mind

When selecting Halloween costumes, choose one that will be the most comfortable for your dog. Remember, he is also wearing a fur coat, so anything that is breathable will be ideal. It’s also a good to keep in mind that most dogs will be resistant to Halloween costumes at first.  This is simply because it is a new concept.

If you plan to show your dog off on Halloween, make sure that introduce the costume to him several days prior to the big night. One way to do this is by showing him the costume. Then putting it on for a few minutes and then removing it. Afterward, give him a treat and praise him for good behavior. After several of these exercises, not only will your dog be happy to wear the costume but he will also be looking forward to a treat afterward. So, just make sure that you have a special treat for him on Halloween as well – but no chocolate.

If your dog is nervous in crowds or is scared of people dressed up in costumes, the best place is for him to stay at home where he will feel safe. Always keep your dog’s best interest in mind at Halloween or any other time of the year.

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