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10 Ultimate Easter Gift Ideas For Your Dog.  Find out what we recommend for your special furry family member on Easter morning.

It’s finally starting to look and feel like spring!  With spring, comes Easter. Most people have such busy schedules that it’s hard to find the time to decide on gift ideas and it’s even harder finding the time to go shopping.  That’s where I can help!  I have put together this list of 10 Easter gift ideas for you dog, along with links for you to be able to buy them online.

I don’t know about you, buy my dog loves a good Easter egg hunt.  The plastic  Easter eggs that you can buy at Easter time to put candy inside of are great for playing scent games with your dog.  I put smelly treats inside of them and on Easter morning, my dog gets to do an Easter egg hunt.  He gets so excited when he finds an egg.  Sometimes he opens the egg on his own but I like to keep the eggs so I often help him open them up once he finds them.

I also have to admit that my dog does get an Easter basket full of goodies on Easter morning too.  He’s a good boy, he deserves the extra treats and toys.  And really, who can resist that look of pure joy when you give your dog something that he really loves.

Ultimate Easter Gift Ideas For Your Dog

1. A Kiddie Pool

This is such a popular gift with my dog.  My dog absolutely loves his kiddie pool.  He will spend a lot of spring and summer days splashing around in his kiddie pool.  Throw in a few balls and he has a blast.  Kiddie pools are a great way to keep your dog cool on those hot summer days.  So, besides being fun, they have a practical use too.

I recommend the hard plastic or even the soft plastic kiddie pools or the pools specially designed for dogs.  Do not use an inflatable kiddie pool with your dog.  His nails will puncture the pool and it will not last.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

2.  Jolly Pets Jolly Egg

The Jolly Pet Jolly Egg is a sure hit with my dog.  It’s unique egg shape is so much fun and you never know which way it will move.  It’s made from hard plastic so it’s really hard to puncture.  My dog has this toy in every color.  His have lasted for years with lots of play time.  It’s a fun and long lasting dog toy.  The bonus is that the egg shape makes it perfect for Easter!

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

3.  Sportsman Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball

The Sportsman Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball is a great way to keep your dog entertained.  This egg shaped treat dispenser randomly dispenses treats as your dog plays with it.  Either load it up with treats or put your dog’s kibble in it. The Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball can hold your dog’s entire meal.  So, if you have a dog that rushes through his meals and you want to slow him down, this will work.  It’s durable so even when your dog chews on it to try to get the treats, it will last.  This toy is dishwasher safe so it’s very easy to keep clean.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

4.  An Easter Collar

Every dog should be styling for Easter.  Give them a brand new Easter collar decorated with pretty eggs or cute little bunnies and chicks. My dog loves getting new collars and I love having themed collars so it’s a win for us both.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

5.  Gourmet Dog Treats

What dog doesn’t love getting dog treats!  These treats are all hand made with human grade organic ingredients.  These treats aren’t just delicious but they come in a reusable pail decorated for Easter.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

6.  Easter Bandana

Dogs look very stylish in bandanas.  And what’s even better than a bandana?  A seasonal bandana, that’s what!  These Easter Bandanas are good quality and look great on your dog.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

7.  Hide-An-Egg Burrow Dog Toy

The Hide-An-Egg Burrow dog toy is perfect for small to medium dogs.  The eggs are hidden inside of the bunny and your dog gets to take them out.  The Hide-An-Egg Burrow dog toy comes with three eggs.  Each egg has a squeaker inside of it for extra fun.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

8. Viet’s Ball Japanese Mini Robotic Cleaner, Microfiber Mop Ball

This toy has two functions.  The Mini Robitic Cleaner Ball makes a great dog toy and it also can clean your floors at the same time.  How great is that!  The ball will automatically roll around the floor so that your dog can chase it.  The ball is powered by AA batteries.  While the ball is rolling around the microfiber cover collects the dirt and dust from your floor.  The ball comes with 4 covers so once one cover it dirty, wash it and replace it with another cover.  This toy will provide your dog with lots of entertainment.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

9.  ChuckIt Ball Launcher

My dog loves a good game of fetch.  It’s probably his favorite outdoor activity when we aren’t hiking.  Nothing makes playing fetch easier than the ChuckIt Ball Launcher, especially when you have a dog that is obsessed with playing.  If you have a dog that enjoys fetch this is a must have!

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

10.  ChuckIt Flying Squirrel Frisbee

Another favorite of my dog’s is the ChuckIt Flying Squirrel Frisbee.  These frisbees are so unique and easy for my dog to catch and carry around. The material is easy on his mouth so he doesn’t mind catching it as it is flying through the air.  It’s also a great toy for at the lake or the beach as it floats.

For more information or to purchase, click HERE.

There you have it, our top 10 Easter Gift ideas for your dog.  These gifts come in sizes that are suitable for small to extra large dogs.  If your dog has a favorite toy that you think would make an awesome Easter gift, tell us about it in the comments below.

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