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Canada Day is quickly approaching and there are always lots of celebrations to take in for this special occasion.  Many people like to include their dogs in as much of their daily events as possible including holiday celebrations.  Many towns and cities have all kinds of special events to celebrate Canada Day including parades, live entertainment and fireworks.  If you are taking your dog with you to celebrate Canada Day or if you live in an area with Canada Day celebrations you are going to want to check out our safety tips for your dog on Canada Day.  Have fun and keep your dog safe at the same time.

Safety Tips For Your Dog On Canada Day

  1.  Have lots of water for you and your dog.

Stay hydrated!  This is important for both you and your dog.  It can be quite hot on Canada Day so be prepared.  Take water with you as well as a portable water bowl so that your dog can be offered water regularly.

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   2.  Make sure that your dog has access to shade.

Your dog can quickly overheat if he is out in the hot sun for long periods of time.  If you are going to a beach or a park take a shade tent with you.  If you are going to a street celebration or a place that you can’t take a shade tent, find a shaded area to hang out in with your dog.  You can also purchase a dog cooling mat or a dog cooling jacket to help keep your dog cool.

   3.  Check pavement temperatures.

On hot days the pavement can quickly become very hot.  If your dog is standing or walking on hot pavement he can burn the pads of his paws.  Consider wearing summer dog boots on him or stay on the grass to keep his feet safe.

   4.  Wear a life jacket for both you and your dog.

Many Canada Day events can include the water.  If you are out on the water for Canada Day both you and your dog should be wearing a life jacket.  Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer, if he falls overboard in deep water he could panic.  A life jacket will keep him safe.

   5.  Don’t take your dog if he is not ok with crowds.

You may like to take your dog everywhere that you can but if he is uncomfortable and anxious in crowds, leave him home.  Canada Day celebrations are often crowded and busy.  If your dog can’t handle this situation it is much better for him to stay at home.  He will be much happier and you won’t have to worry about him being stressed in a busy and crowded environment.

For those times that you leave your dog at home, you can invest in a dog cam.  With a dog camera you can talk to your dog, see what he is doing and some of them even have a function where you can toss him a treat.  How cool is that!  Check out the furbo dog camera here or click on the photo below.

   6.  Keep fireworks safety in mind.

With Canada Day comes fireworks.  If your dog minds loud noises leave him home!  Fireworks can be very scary for a dog.  Many dogs get spooked and get away from their families during fireworks.  If you spend much time on social media you will notice that the amount of lost dog posts increase after a holiday like Canada Day where there are fireworks.  Keep your dog safe during this time.  Here are our top tips for keeping your dog safe during Canada Day fireworks.

           Wear pet ID and a GPS Tracker.

Wear a collar with a Pet ID tag on it if you are taking your dog out to the Canada Day celebrations with you.  And better yet, put a GPS tracker like this one, on his collar.  If something does happen, you can track your dog’s location on your phone and find him quickly.

           Use a leash if you are outdoors.

Whether you are out at a Canada Day celebration or you are at home near a Canada Day celebration, only take your dog outdoors on a leash in the evening.  Even if there aren’t fireworks, some people will shoot off a gun to celebrate Canada Day or they may have their own private fireworks if it’s legal in your area.  Always take precautions to keep your dog safe.  Once he gets spooked it can be difficult to catch him if he gets into flight mode.

           Keep your dog at home.

This is the safest option for your dog when you know there is going to be fireworks.  Keep your dog at home.  Turn on the radio or the TV for him to block out the outside sounds so that he doesn’t hear the loud banging of the fireworks.  If he is still nervous with the noise, try giving him a natural anxiety supplement such as this one.

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Keeping your dog safe is always a priority but some holidays such as Canada Day can make this challenging.

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