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When planning a trip with your pup, it’s important to choose dog-friendly destinations. Dog laws are different from city to city. Some cities allow dogs on beaches while others do not. There are plenty of dog-friendly destinations around the world that you and your pup will have a great time at. When deciding if a place is dog-friendly, see what outdoor activities there are in the surrounding areas like beaches, hikes, and parks. Learn more about what to look for in dog-friendly destinations.

Outdoor Fun

Many dog-friendly activities are outdoors like beaches, parks, hiking, and shopping areas. Some malls and shops allow dogs inside, but many are outdoors, especially if you have bigger dogs. Check and see if the city you’re interested in allows dogs on the beaches, do they need to be on a leash or can they be off leash? Check and see if there are only certain times that dogs are allowed or if they can be on the beaches at any time. Some beaches require a beach pass or proof of rabies vaccines before they will allow dogs on the beach. See if hiking trails are dog-friendly and if dogs can be on a leash or are allowed off leash. Look for dog parks in the area and see if they’re highly rated and well-kept.

Outdoor Shopping

Historic and downtown areas are often good spots to take your dog window shopping. Some cities are, and most of the shops will allow pets inside. Check and see if they have a dog bowl outside or right inside the door if so that means they welcome pups. Certain shopping areas and centers will allow dogs, but policies can vary from store to store if you’re uncertain ask before taking your dog into a store.


Many cities allow dogs to dine with their owners outside, but not all of them. The policy can be up to the restaurant. Restaurants will often put out dog bowls or say “pets welcome” outside, but not always. Most restaurants will not allow dogs inside due to health inspection regulations. Places that serve drinks but not food like breweries and some coffee shops may be able to allow dogs. If you aren’t sure if a restaurant is dog-friendly, you can call ahead and ask about their policy regarding dogs. Even if you have an emotional support animal, restaurants are not required to allow dogs unless they are service animals.

Bringing your dog on vacation is a lot of fun, but it’s vital to choose dog-friendly, so your dog isn’t stuck in your hotel room or Airbnb while you’re enjoying the beach or hiking trails.  You can travel with your pet in a car, plane (as an ESA, carry on, or in the cargo hold) or on the train. Dogs encourage their owners to spend time outside and enjoy the nature of a new city.

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