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6 Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Special On Valentine's Day

Let’s face it, no one is as loyal or loves us more than our dogs do.  To them, we are their whole world.  So, even though we show them how much we love them every day of the year, we can do something extra special for them on Valentine’s Day to show them just how special they are to us.  We have put together some ideas of things that you can do to make your dog feel special on Valentine’s Day.

6 Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Special On Valentine’s Day:

1.  Take Him To His Favorite Place

If your dog has a favorite place, take him there.  Maybe it’s a park or a store or a favorite person to visit.  Maybe it’s the beach…brrrr!  Dogs don’t seem to mind the beach in the winter but try to keep him out of the water if it’s really cold there.  Spend some time with him and  let him have some fun.

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2.  Do Something That He Loves To Do

What is your dog’s all time favorite activity?  Is it going to the park for a run, going for a walk or a hike through the woods?  Maybe some time snuggling on the couch or going for a drive together.  Set some time aside and do your dog’s favorite activity with him.

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6 Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Special On Valentine's Day

3.  Let Him Pick Out A New Toy

What dog doesn’t love getting new toys.  Take him to his favorite pet store and let him pick out his favorite.  He will have a blast checking out the toys and picking out his favorite.  If your dog doesn’t enjoy going in to pet stores, then pick out a toy for him online.  We have some great toy and gift recommendations for dogs in the following articles.

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4.  Give Him A Special Dog Treat

What’s even better than store bought dog treats?  Homemade dog treats, of course!  Whip up a batch of your dog’s favorite dog treats or find a recipe that you think that he will love.  There are some really great recipes that you can make at home, click HERE.  If baking isn’t your thing, there are special bakeries for dogs.  Google them for your area and check them out.

5.  Arrange A Play Date With His Favorite Doggy Friends

Dogs playing

Some dogs have a lot of doggy friends while others prefer to keep to themselves.  If your dog is a social guy, arrange a doggy play date for him and some of his favorite doggy friends.  Find a safe place where they can run and play and you won’t have to worry about one of them wandering off.  If you have a fenced in yard, have the play date there.  If not, check out fenced ball fields or a golf course that allow dogs during the off season.  Be respectful, though, and clean up after your dog so that these places continue to allow dogs to use their facilities.  Take some of their favorite toys, play some fetch or frisbee.  The dogs will have a blast.

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6.  Watch A Movie Together

If you have a snuggly dog, this is a real treat.  Cuddle up on the couch together and watch your favorite doggy movie.  Some dogs love to watch movies that have dogs in them.  My dog’s favorites are the Air Bud movies.  Your date may not stay awake throughout the whole movie but what’s better than snuggling with your best furry friend on a cold winter evening. Amazon Prime has some awesome movies to watch with your dog.

No matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, your dog will be happy just spending time with you.  If you have children and/or a significant other, include them in on the fun too!  Do a special family Valentine’s Day activity that includes everyone in the family…dogs and humans.

If you and your dog have a favorite Valentine’s day tradition, we’d love to hear about it.

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