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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  You can’t forget that furry Valentine of yours.  We have put together a list of the top 10 best Valentine’s Day Gift for dog ideas.

1. HuggleHounds Monkey Knottie

The Monkey Knottie comes in two sizes. They are made from HuggleHound Tuffut Technology so they are durable and built to last. Although no plush toy should be left unsupervised with an aggressive chewer. Each toy contains multiple squeakers to keep your dog entertained. I like the knotted arms and legs as they make great tug toys for my dogs.

This toy is a favorite of my dogs. It is also available is other designs such as Ant Eater, Hedgehog, Bruiser The Mutt, Bunny, Duck, Flamingo, Fox, Frog, Giraffe, Octopus, Llama, and Lobster. So your dog will never get tired of his knottie toys!

To purchase the Hugglehounds Valentine Monkey knottie, click HERE.

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2.  Fitbark 2

The Fitbark 2 is the ultimate way to get in shape with your dog.  This fitness tracker attaches to his collar and can sync with your Fitbit.  Download the Fitbark app on your phone to start tracking  your dog’s activity, calories burned and sleep patterns.  The Fitbark 2 provides insights into your dog’s health and behavior with the data that it collects.

No need to worry, the Fitbark 2 is waterproof so your dog can wear it on rainy days or when he goes swimming.

The Fitbark 2 is one of our favorite gadgets!  Click HERE to check it out.

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3. Furbo Dog Camera

This camera is awesome, we have to say it!  Set up the camera, download the app onto your phone and start monitoring your dog.   This camera is great for dogs that have separation anxiety or for those people who are curious to see what their dog does all day while they are gone.

With the app on your phone you can talk to your dog through the camera, one of our favorite features.  He will also be happy when you toss him a treat, something else that the camera can do.

Click HERE to check out the Furbo Dog Camera.

4.  Kong Wubba Weave Toy

The perfect toy for tugging and playing fetch.  This wubba has a squeaker to keep your dog entertained.  The durable rope is great for chewing and helping to clean your dog’s teeth.

Keep your dog entertained for hours.  Great for indoor or outdoor playtime.  As an extra bonus…your dog can play with it in the water, it floats. 

Check out the Kong Wubba Weave toy HERE.

5.  Tractive GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker, never lose your dog. The Tractive GPS tracker attaches to your dog’s collar.  It is durable and waterproof.  Perfect for those people who love to go hiking with or spending time outdoors playing with their dog. The Tractive GPS Tracker has several useful features.  You can set up a virtual fence for your dog.  If your dog goes outside of the virtual fence you will get notified through the app.  The tracker offers real time tracking as well as a history of where your dog has been. 

Check out Tractive GPS Tracker HERE.

6. Benebone Wishbone

The Benebone Wishbone is made with super strong nylone, suitable for aggressive chewers.  Benebones are not edible but the flavor comes from real food ingredients.  Dogs that like to chew will love this chew toy.

Check out the Benebone Wishbone HERE.

7.  Lamb Chop Plush Toy

Lamb Chop is a super soft and snuggly stuffed dog toy.  A favorite with my dog.  It is available in several sizes so good for any size of dog.

Check out Lamb Chop HERE.

8.  Chuckit Ball Launcher

For any dog that loves to play fetch, a ball launcher is a great investment.  The Chuckit ball launcher is our favorite.  My dog is obsessed with playing fetch so the ball launcher comes in very handy and gets used a lot.

Have a dog that LOVES playing ball? Check out the automatic ball launcher available on Amazon. Click on the link to check it out the automatic ball launcher.

Check out the Chuckit Ball Launcher HERE.

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9.  Elk Antlers

Antlers are a long lasting chew toy for dogs.  A benefit of elk antlers for dogs is that they can provide nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese. They are stronger than raw bones and do not easily break, chip or splinter like a cooked bone would.  A natural chew for your dog.

To check out Elk Antlers on Amazon, click HERE.

10.  Zuke’s Mini Dog Treats

Zuke’s mini dog treats are the perfect size to use as training treats or to just carry around in your pocket to reward your dog when you see the behaviors that you want.  They are healthy and made with natural ingredients.  Zuke’s contain no corn, wheat or soy.  They do contain high protein meat, whole food fruits and vegetables.  They come in six different flavors so you can treat your dog to different flavors so he doesn’t get tired of them.  These treats are made in the USA.

Check out Zuke Minis HERE.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Tutor Your Dog!

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