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My dog loves apples and he loves carrots.  So what better way to give him what he loves than to bake them up in a nice healthy treat!  My dog is a very happy boy when he sees me whipping up a batch of homemade dog treats!

For me, I would rather spend the extra time in the kitchen (and it’s really not that much time) than buy some of the store brands of dog treats. Yes, there are some good ones but so many of them have extra chemicals in them and who knows what the quality is of the ingredients that are used.  Making my dog’s treats myself gives me piece of mind because I can control every ingredient that goes in to them.  And if a recipe has an ingredient in it that doesn’t agree with my dog’s stomach I can easily substitute it for something else.

Be sure to let me know what your dog thinks of these treats.  I would to hear from you!  To get the recipe click below.

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