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On those cold winter days we can all get a bit chilled, including our dogs.  We have reviewed our top 10 favorite cold weather winter coats for dogs.  Hopefully this information will make your decision much easier as there are so many dog coats to choose from.  If you have a short haired dog, a dog that gets shaved down all year round or even a coated breed that minds the cold, this list is for you!

Our Top 10 List of Best Winter Coats For Dogs


#1  Weatherbeeta Parka Deluxe Dog Coat          

 What can we say, we love this coat!  The Weatherbeeta Parka Deluxe Dog Coat is built to last.  Weatherbeeta is well known for their horse blankets and they take the same care and pride in creating their dog coats.  The tough 1200 denier triple weave is rip resistant, waterproof and breathable.  The 220g of polyester lining provides lots of warmth for your dog on those freezing cold days.  This coat has a full wrap chest and belly closure.  The large collar has a leash hole so you can easily attach your leash to the collar.  For added safety and visibility after dark, it has reflective strips.

Overall, this coat is high quality for a good price.  It is built to be tough and to keep your dog warm.

For more information, click HERE.

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#2  Ruffwear Stumptown Reflective Dog Coat          

 The Ruffwear Stumptown Reflective Dog Coat has 120g of recycled polyester filling to keep your dog warm on those crisp days.  The side buckles make it easy to put on and take off.  There is a spot on the back to put a leash through to attach to a harness.  There is reflective trim to help with visibility on those dark evenings.  For anyone wanting more visibility there is a built in light loop where you can attach a Ruffwear Beacon Light (not included).  This coat was built to be durable!  It has an abrasion resistant, ripstop outer shell so your dog can run around be a dog and you don’t have to worry about him ruining his coat.

For more information on the Ruffwear Stumptown Reflective Dog Coat, click HERE.

#3  Kurgo North Country dog Coat     

Kurgo stands behind their Kurgo North Country dog coat with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.  The soft fleece lining keeps the dog warm and the waterproof, windproof outer fabric keeps him dry and warm.  A nice feature of this coat is the led lights and reflective piping.  This is ideal for those after dark walks, as motorists won’t be able to miss seeing your dog.  The zipper on the back of the coat allows for a leash to attach to a harness.  Overall, a nice quality dog coat,easy to see by motorists and an excellent guarantee.

For more information on the Kurgo North Country dog coat, click HERE.

#4  Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket          

 A special feature of the Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket is the heat reflective foil lining which reflects the dog’s body heat which stimulates circulation.  The jacket allows for maximum heat production, while also covering the neck and chest.  The hood can be used to protect the head and ears on those bitter cold days.  The coat comes in three colors, orange, lingon and granite.  Sizes range from 10 inch to 26 inches.  Be sure to use the sizing chart to order the best fit.

For more information on the Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket, click HERE.

#5 Muttlut’s Reversible Dog Snowsuit        

 If your dog minds the cold, the Muttluk’s Reversible Dog Snowsuit will be sure to keep him warm.  Providing your dog with full coverage, even his legs will be warm on those frigid days.  A nice feature of this snowsuit is that it is reversible so it’s like having two snowsuits in one!  When it gets dirty, you can machine wash it.  It comes in many sizes, so be sure to check the sizing chart to see which one would be the best fit for your dog.

For more information on the Muttluk’s Reversible Dog Snowsuit, click HERE.

#6  Canada Pooch North Pole Dog Parka Jacket          

 Keep your dog warm on the coldest of winter days with the  Canada Pooch North Pole Dog Parka Jacket.  This water resistant, durable jacket has a soft fleece lining with faux down stuffing.  The vest includes 4 pockets that can be velcroed shut, so your dog can carry some of his own supplies with him.  There is a slit on the back of the vest to allow a leash to attach to a harness.  The hood is detachable so if your dog doesn’t need it on a certain day, it can be removed.  To keep the jacket clean, you can spot clean or machine wash.

For more information on the Canada Pooch North Pole Dog Parka Jacket, click HERE.

#7  RC Pets Trilogy 3 In 1 Dog Coat          

  The RC PetsTrilogy 3 In 1 Dog Coat is unique as it’s two coats that are snapped together to make one coat.  You can wear them together on your dog to provide warmth in the winter.  You can wear the outer layer by itself as a raincoat in the spring and fall.  The inner coat is a fleece coat that can be warn on those cool spring and fall days.  The outer layer is water resistant and rip resistant.  Availabe in sizes 8 through 30 in several colors.  Be sure to take your dog’s measurements and check the sizing chart before ordering for a proper fit.

For more information on the RC Pets Trilogy 3 In 1 Dog Coat, click HERE.

#8  Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest          

 The Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest is made for small dogs so even the size L or XL will not be suitable for a large dog.  Please check the sizing information carefully before ordering.  Having a zipper closure means that the jacket is easy to put on and take off.  The outer layer of fabric is water resistant so it will help to keep your dog dry and warm.

For more information on the Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest, click HERE.

#9  Doggie Design Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Coats           

The Doggie Design Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Coat has a simple slip over the head design with a buckle to fasten the coat.  The waterproof fabric is warm and will keep your dog nice and dry.  The style of the coat and the size range from XS to 5XL  makes it a good choice for those hard to fit dogs.  There are 4 colors to choose from, black, orange, blue and burgundy.

For more information on the Doggie Design Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Coat, click HERE.

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#10 ThinkPet Outdoor Adventure Winter Dog Jacket Waterproof Reflective Warm Coat        

 The ThinkPet Outdoor Adventure Winter Dog Jacket is stylish and warm with it’s down filling.  There is a thick under the belly strap for extra warmth.  Being waterproof, windproof and snowproof, it is sure to keep your dog warm and dry on those bitter cold days.  If you use a harness on your dog, that’s no problem.  There is a zipper on the back of the coat to allow a leash to hook onto a harness.  The logo is reflective so on those after dark walks, your dog will easily be seen by motorists.  It’s available in blue, orange, red or grey and comes in a wide variety of sizes from XS all the way up to 4XL.

For more information on the ThinkPet Outdoor Adventure Winter dog Jacket, click HERE.


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8 Things To Keep In Mind When Coat Shopping For Your Dog

  • Is the coat machine washable?

Dog coats get dirty, having one that is easily machine washable will make it easier to keep it clean.

  • What type of fastener does it have?

Some dog coats have straps, others velcro or zippers.  What type of fastener will be more convenient for you?  Our preference is straps or zippers as the velcro can need replacing after time.

  • Is the fabric waterproof?

If your dog is going to be out in the snow and slush wearing his winter coat, it needs to be waterproof.  Any coats that are not waterproof can become wet and therefore your dog may become chilled.  Waterproof fabrics keep your dog warm and dry.

  • Does the coat have a hood?  

          On those really cold days your dog may like the extra warmth of having a hood on his coat.  Some dogs may not like having a hood and it could interfere with his vision, so keep those things in mind.

  • Will the coat restrict your dog’s movement? 

Look at the design of the coat and the thickness.  If your dog enjoys running around a really thick and constricting coat may not be the best choice for him.

  • Does the coat have reflective strips on it?

If you will be walking your dog after dark, finding one with reflective strips will allow motorists to see your dog.

  • Does the coat have a leash hole?

This also depends on the style of the coat.  If the coat has a wide collar it should also have a hole to allow the leash to attach to the collar.

  • Does the coat come in my dog’s size?

Dog coat companies have measurements that you can take from your dog to find the coat that would best fit him.  It’s important to have a proper fit so that the coat is comfortable for him to wear.

So, bundle up yourself and your dog and get out and enjoy winter!  If you are looking for ideas of some fun activities to try with your dog, check out our article, The 5 Best Winter Sports For You And Your Dog

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