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Part of being a responsible dog owner is making sure that you have all the dog supplies your dog needs to be healthy and happy.  Click through to learn what dog supplies your dog needs to have.

A big part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure that he has all of the dog supplies that he needs in order to be healthy and happy. There are some essential dog supplies that every dog needs and then some that are for luxury. We will discuss both the essential dog supplies and the luxury dog supplies, as well as let you know where you can buy your dog supplies online. It is important to know exactly what supplies you need in order to properly care for your dog.

The Essential Dog Supplies Your Dog Needs

Food And Water Bowls

Most of the truly necessary items for dog care are fairly obvious. If you’ve got a dog you’ll need bowls for the dog’s food and water. Some dogs have a habit of moving their food bowls around the room as they eat. This can make a lot of noise and have the frustrating result of requiring the owner to hunt around for the bowl at feeding time. The problem can be solved by using a heavy ceramic bowl with a rubber lining on the bottom that is difficult for the dog to move around. A sturdy metal bowl with a rubber lining on the bottom can be useful as well. The rubber on the bottom prevents the bowl from sliding around as your dog enjoys his meal.

Click HERE to check out my favorite metal bowl with a rubber lining on the bottom.

Click HERE to check out my favorite ceramic dog food and water bowls.

Dog Leash And Collar

For taking the dog on walks you’ll need a leash and a collar. These can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Of course, you’ll want to take the size and strength of your dog into account when selecting them. The collar can (and should) be adorned with a license tag or at an ID tag that provides your name and contact information in case your dog is lost.

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Click HERE to check out ID tags for your dog.

Poop Bags And Pooper Scoopers

Being a responsible dog owner means cleaning up after your dog. Most cities have laws against owners simply allowing their dogs to foul the footpath or leave little Poodle Bombs all over the city park. In some cities there is a hefty fine for such behavior. Every dog owner should carry dog poop bags with them when they are out in public and always clean up after their dog. Pooper scoopers are also a great option for at home.

Click HERE to check out my favorite dog poop bags and click HERE to check out an awesome poop bag holder.

Click HERE to check out pooper scoopers.

Dog Food

Every dog needs a well balanced dog food. Chances are the breeder has chosen a dog food that will work well with your dog. If not, there are lots of great options out there for a quality dog food that isn’t high in fillers or other ingredients that are low cost for the dog food company that your dog just doesn’t need.

Dog Crates

When you first bring home your dog or puppy you will need a way to confine him when you aren’t there. Crate training is the best way to do this. There are several types of crates to choose from. When considering what type of crate will be best for your dog take into consideration the size of the crate and what you will use the crate for. There are plastic, wire, crash tested and fabric crates. If you want a crate for travelling in your vehicle plastic or crash tested metal crates work well. Fabric crates are easy to transport but aren’t secure so if you need to leave your dog unattented stick to the wire or plastic crates. Crate training also is a great aid for house training your puppy or dog.

My Favorite Crates

Click HERE to check out my favorite plastic crate. I use this one in my SUV for my dogs. It’s great for home or for travelling.

Click HERE to check out my favorite wire dog crate. I love this crate because the double doors are so conventient. This crate is great for going to dog sports or packing up to take to the cottage because it folds up flat. It’s also an excellent choice for crate training your dog.

Click HERE to check out our favorite heavy duty crash tested crates. If you do a lot of travelling this crate is definitely a great investment. There isn’t a safer way for your dog to travel than in this crate.

Click HERE to check out our favorite fabric crate. These crates are great for convenience to take places because they are light weight, fold up and are easy to transport but if you are going to be leaving your dog unattended the wire crate is the better choice. Fabric crates are great for dogs that are used to be crated and don’t have any separation anxiety issues. I do not recommend these crates to put your dog in while travelling in the vehicle though.

Training Treats

As a responsible dog owner, you will want a well trained dog. Dog training should be a priority of every dog parent. In order to train your dog, you need to reward him. Finding a training treat that your dog will love to work for is incredibly important. In the beginning you can use the treat to lure the dog to do what you want him to do but eventually you can wean him off of the treats and reward occassionally instead of after every command. Our favorite training treats are Zukes. Dogs love them and the Zukes Mini are the perfect size for training.

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Dog Bed

The type of dog bed your dog will want will depend on your dog himself and the breed of dog he is. There are cozy dog beds, orthapedic dog beds and dog beds for dogs that chew.

My Favorite Dog Beds

Click HERE to check out my favorite cozy dog bed.

Click HERE to check out my favorite orthapedic dog bed. This bed is great for older dogs or for dogs that have an injury and need some extra support.

Click HERE to check out my all time favorite dog bed that is practically indestructible! The Kuranda dog bed. This bed is a cot style bed and it is incredibly durable. The Kuranda dog beds that I have for my dogs have outlasted any other dog bed that I have ever tried. They may cost a bit more than some dogs beds but are well worth the investment. These dog beds are also good for dogs with joint problems or who just need a bit more support.

Grooming Tools

No matter what type of dog you have he will require at least nail trimming. The type of grooming tools that your dog will need will depend on the breed and the coat type of your dog. Some of the most popular grooming tools for dogs are nail clippers, I prefer these ones, slicker brushes, double row rakes and metal combs.

My Favorite Dog Grooming Tools

Click HERE to check out my favorite nail clippers. There are several styles of nail clippers to choose from but my favorite are the Miller Forge type. For tips on how to trim your dog’s nails, check out our article 4 Tips For Stress Free Nail Trimming.

Click HERE to check out my favorite slicker brush.

Click HERE to check out my favorite double row rake. This tool is a life saver when your dog is shedding!

Click HERE to check out my favorite metal comb. I love this one because the plastic on the handle makes it easier to use on your hands.

Pro Tip: If you have a dog that requires regular brushing and trimming, you will want to invest in a grooming table. Grooming tables keep your dog in one place so that it is easier to brush and trim them.

Click HERE to check out my favorite grooming table. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my grooming table now. It makes grooming your dog so much easier! This table is available in two sizes, the size of the table you order will depend on the size of your dog.

If you have a dog that requires regular clipping, you can easily do this yourself. You will need a set of clippers, I recommend these ones. A grooming table will also make your grooming job so much easier.

Click HERE to check out the clippers that I use and recommend.

Dog Toys

Dogs need toys to help prevent boredom. Some dogs like chew toys, some like interactive toys and some like stuffed toys that they can carry around with them. Once you get to know your puppy or dog, you will easily figure out which toys your dog will prefer.

My Favorite Dog Toys

Click HERE to check out my favorite dog chew toy for my dog.

Click HERE to check out my favorite interactive dog toy. I have this toy for my dog and he loves it.

Click HERE to check out my favorite stuffed dog toy. These Kong toys come in several different animals and are very popular with my dog.

If you have a dog that destroys his toys, you will need to be careful of what type of toys you bring home for your dog. To check out my favorite dog toys for aggressive chewers, check out The Top 10 Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers by clicking HERE.

Dog Boots

Dog boots are good for cold winters but are also good for hot summers too. If your dog is out a lot in the winter and is bothered by salt on the sidewalks or by having snow stuck between his toes, dog boots can help. There are so many dog boots on the market that it’s hard to know which ones are the best. Our favorite dog boots are these ones.

If the temperatures get really hot in your area you may want to consider a set of dog boots for your dog. Pavement and the ground can get very hot and burn the pads of your dog when he’s out walking or playing. These are my favorite hot weather dog boots to protect my dog’s paws from the hot pavement. They do a good job of protecting the sensitive pads of a dogs feet from rough terrain, rocky areas, and hot pavement. They are great for the winter weather too.

Click HERE to check out our favorite dog boots, these boots are great for all seasons.

Optional Accessories

There are literally thousands of optional items available for people to purchase for use with their dogs. Some of these items, like the gravity refillable water dishes and food bowls, serve a very useful purpose, others the dog bandana comes to don’t have much of a purpose but they can make your dog look cute.

Things like dog hiking backpacks and sports equipment like agility tunnels and jumps help to keep your dog in tip top shape. Frisbees and ChuckIts can help to keep your dog entertained and provide a great interactive actitivy for you and your dog. And dog coats to keep him warm and dry.

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There is no shortage of dog supplies to choose from when it comes to your furry best friend.

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