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Dressing your dog up for Halloween becomes more popular with each year.  There are a few things to keep in mind for Halloween night though.  Click through to read the article.

To some people, the idea of dressing up a dog in a Halloween costume definitely sounds a little silly. After all, it’s not like your dog is going to go around asking for candy, right? To some, it may seem like a childish obsession, the need for dressing your dog up for Halloween like you would a person. To others, it’s just another way that the big companies of corporate America have decided to try and squeeze a few extra bucks out of us this Halloween season. For others, however, they love dressing up their dog and can’t wait for Halloween each year to do this.

The Cute Factor

As anyone with a dog can tell you, dogs are a great way to get to know people. Especially ones dressed in costumes. With the exception of the few people who might be afraid of dogs, many love to come up and say hello and offer a pat to a dog that they see on the street.

Of course, every kid out trick or treating has one goal, get as much candy as you can. Having a dog in a costume is a great way to do that. The houses that you visit will love the cuteness factor of your dog dressed up. Plus, it is sure to inspire some conversation. Get a dog costume that matches your own for extra cute points.

Protection & Safety

A loyal family dog is going to look out for his family. So even though it is a good idea for mom and dad to come along while trick or treating, a dog is an extra bit of protection for your child should he or she get lost. Even a small dog will bark at something that is amiss. And larger dogs have the whole intimidation factor. Many children are also more careful about crossing streets when they are with a family dog.

Choosing A Costume For Your Dog

There are a wide variety of costumes for dogs. Consider one that coordinates with your child’s costume. As with costumes for any member of your family, you will want to be sure that it fits properly. Avoid any with long hems that could cause your dog to trip while walking. You will also want to make sure that wearing the costume will not interfere with attaching a leash. A few dry runs of walking around the neighborhood with the costume on may be required to get your dog accustomed to wearing it.

If your child is going to be the one walking the dog, make sure that they are able to control him. You do not want your beloved family dog running off into the night. A

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